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Fucking YouTube...

God damn fucking YouTube!

Every once in a while I'll peruse YouTube's listing of popular videos so I can stay up on pop culture.  It's how I discovered Lady Gaga, at least.

But now I've discovered another artist.  Kesha.  And she's got a song called "Blah Blah Blah" which is really catchy.  It's got a great beat and you can dance to it, but the lyrics are about as insipid as you could get.  Worse, I'm sure that this is one of those artists that will be pushed onto the current generation of teens, and the subject matter just doesn't seem appropriate for the age group.  It makes me start to consider whether Idiocracy was an accurate prediction.

I just wish that stupid songs with even more stupid lyrics cold maybe not be so catchy, please?


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Mar. 3rd, 2010 01:50 am (UTC)
Blah Blah Blah vs Rah-rah-ah-ah-ah! Roma Roma-ma Gaga-oo-la-la!
are you *possibly* suggesting Lady gaga is less insipid, (see subject) or more age appropriate for teens than Kesha?!?!

because if you were, you would be gravely mistaken.
about the only thing lady gaga has is the use of more more double entrees than kesha....
but i don't think they actually qualify as subtlety.
Mar. 3rd, 2010 04:54 am (UTC)
Re: Blah Blah Blah vs Rah-rah-ah-ah-ah! Roma Roma-ma Gaga-oo-la-la!
Okay, I challenge you!

Kesha has two songs I'm aware of. Lady Gaga has two albums worth. I challenge you to find Lady Gaga lyrics as insipid and child-inappropriate as:

Insipid: "Zip your lips like a padlock" - Because, seriously, do padlocks zip?

Inappropriate: "Just turn around boy and let me hit that / Don't be a little bitch with your chit chat / Just show me where your dick is at,"

Inappropriate and insipid: "Think you'll be gettin' this? Nah, nah, nah / Not in the back of my car, ah ah."
Mar. 5th, 2010 06:51 am (UTC)
Re: Blah Blah Blah vs Rah-rah-ah-ah-ah! Roma Roma-ma Gaga-oo-la-la!
Tick tock, tick tock...
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