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Yellow Squash...

Well, I'm never eating Yellow Squash again, however it apparently wasn't the reason for the illness.

The reason was Scopazzi's. The night before I got sick, Friday night, we went to Allie's first birthday party. Allison is the daughter of our neighbors, Mark and Melissa. We got a call today from Melissa checking if we were all okay, because everyone who ate the ravioli at Scopazzi wound up getting ill.

The irony is, Heather and I have been to Scopazzi's three times in our life. After the first case of food poisoning, we decided never to go back. Unfortunately, Chris and Vi had their engagement celebration there, so we went back... and we got sick again. When we were invited Allie's birthday party, we figured that it couldn't possibly happen a third time.

Unconditionally, we are never again eating at Scopazzi's. If you happen to be having a major party at Scopazzi's, we'll eat first and show up just to be there, but don't expect us to eat a damn thing. In fact, expect us to wish everyone else there luck.

Melissa will be calling Scopazzi's tomorrow to tell them the news. She knows about Rozz and my hospital visits. She'll be talking to them about the food poisoning and a request for reimbursement.

Heather, on the other hand, will be calling the County Health Department to report the matter on that end of things.


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