March 14th, 2010

You are not your job.

Reviewing SlashDot, I ran across this gem: Microsoft Employees Love Their iPhones

It doesn't surprise me in the slightest to learn that many people at Microsoft using iPhones.  The iPhone is an extraordinary phone, and while it wasn't the first of the SmartPhones, it quickly became the best of them.  It bothers me that people might think that Microsoft employees begrudge Apple so much that their personal decisions are skewed to be anti-Apple.  I assume the same thoughts would be true for Google, then.  And yet, we are not our jobs.  We have the capacity to appreciate the best in the industry and yet still try with all our speed and fury to move our own products into the pole position.  And even when Android outsells the iPhone, I still expect that the iPhone will continue to suit some Googlers moreso than would Android phones.  Even when Google gives phones away to employees, Googlers do not individually represent the will of Google and should feel comfortable to continue using their favorite phone even if it isn't a Google product.  Same for Microsoft and Apple.