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September 16th, 2009

Shaina and I awoke in Las Vegas and had a leisurely morning.  We left for the Hoover Dam mid-morning.  Took a _ton_ of photos of the new bridge arch, which was complete and suspended by only one cable which they were in the process of removing.  One side of the bridge had all the cables removed.  I think the bridge would have looked better with the temporary towers and suspension cables, but oh well.  It's just going to be an arch and a flat roadway, so when you drive over it you won't get to see much at all.

Shaina and I parked and walked across the dam, taking plenty of photos, still.  We then went back to get tickets for a tour.  I opted for the most expensive tour because it actually took us inside the dam.  While it was nifty to see, it was so short that it wasn't really worth it.  I'm not sure that the less-expensive tour, which just shows you the generator room, would be worthwhile, either.  Anyway, the Hoover Dam was impressive and neat to see, as was the bridge.

On the way back to Vegas, we stopped in Boulder City at their local brewery and enjoyed a pint.  They had some _tasty_ beer.

Back to the house to retrieve my computer, so I could share photos with Rich.  And then back out toward Henderson (Pecos Street) for happy hour at a local Mexican restaurant/bar ($2 margaritas) with more of Shaina's friends.  On the way, I grabbed a 20-inch eggplant parmesan sub from Carpiotti's, which I intended to enjoy on both Thursday and Friday.  Once happy hour ended there we walked across the parking lot to PJ's happy hour (half-priced drinks).  We had a mostly good time.  I did really well shooting pool until I sank the 8-ball while my sister wasn't watching.  I figured she'd notice eventually and she'd be happy she won and she'd continue to enjoy shooting pool against her brother, so I didn't tell her.  She found out when I scratched a few shots later, though, and she pulled the 8-ball as well.  We returned home and slept.


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