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September 10th, 2009

Woke up.  Got out of bed.  Dragged a comb across my head.

Okay, maybe no comb.  Anyway, we pack for an overnight trip and hop in the car to meet up with Lola and Rich (and his 42-foot RV) at a Denny's on the north side of Las Vegas.  Once together, we begin the caravan up I-15 through southern Nevada, into the canyonlands of Arizona.  I really hadn't expected that, by the way.  At one point in Arizona, there's a large cliff and the freeway appears to go straight into it (because you can't see that there's a canyon from the angle you're driving).
Sure enough, the 1600+ foot cliffs have a very narrow canyon to permit the Virgin River to pass.  Driving through the Virgin River Gorge was awe-inspiring, and, sadly, blew away any previous river gorge I'd seen (i.e. the Snake River in Idaho).
We continued up into Utah and drove to Bryce Canyon City to get situated at our hotel.
The hotel was hard to find because it and the name of the city are so new that they didn't appear on GPS.  Anyway, following this we entered the Bryce Canyon National Park (I bought my America the Beautiful pass for $80 (park entrance was $25 otherwise)) and hiked the Navajo Loop, a 1.3 mile loop through the Bryce Canyon hoodoos with a 550-foot de/ascent.  It was challenging; I didn't think I could make a hike like that...  I had to take it very slowly, but I managed.  I took about 200 photos during this hike.

Then back to the hotel for a swim and then a fajita dinner in the RV courtesy of Lola (and Rich?).  Then back to the hotel room for some sleep.


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