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September 8th, 2009

Shaina and I drove from Las Vegas down to Boulder City (about fifteen miles) for a brunch.  Food was decent, not extraordinary.  The little downtown was cute, though.
Boulder City was built as a community for the workers who built the Boulder Dam to live.  And as you all know, Boulder Dam was later renamed "Hoover Dam"...

From there we drove down to Searchligh, NV because neither of us had the slightest clue what we might find there.  We found pretty much nothing, though this was an interesting site to see right along the main road:
This is the structure right over the entrance to the first gold mine in town.

From there, we drove to Cottonwood Cove, which is a beach/boat launch on Lake Mohave:
Yup.  The Colorado River wends its way right through here, and with a dam just south of here, the lake is four miles across and sixty miles long and a beautiful blue between the beautiful deserts of Nevada (in the foreground) and the mountains of Arizona (in the background).  The water was warm, by the way.

On our way back to Las Vegas, we saw another old mine, which I enjoyed exploring:

Following our return to Las Vegas, Shaina prepared a kick-ass spinach dip for a pool party we attended.  She made a pretty straight spinach dip and then added a can of green chiles and some cajun seasoning.  The dip had a little kick and it was just fabulous!  A big hit!

The party itself was quite colorful.  I met a few more of Shaina's friends, including Bobbette and Mark, Michael, Nicole, Brett, Christie, and Adam.  Rich and Lola were also there.  I've got to say, once the sun set, the party got a bit too naughty for my taste, but I endured.  Fortunately, I remained sober, since there was pretty much no other way we would have been able to make it home; Shaina got prety trashed, which was partially my fault, as I mixed her a pretty stiff pineapple/mango/coconut rum drink pretty late in the day...

And then we returned to Shaina's home and slept.

Artsy Fartsy photo

Not usually very proud of my photography.  This one I like:

So we wake up, hop in the car, and head out to Pahrump, not having the slightest clue what's there.  Long before we get there, we are in awe of the beautiful geography/geology:
We decide to visit the Pahrump Valley Winery, Nevada's first winery.  It was both a pleasant surprise and a disappointment at the same time.  The surprise is that there were several wines that I really, really liked.  The disappointment is that the grapes were imported from other regions; I was really looking forward to trying some local grapes.  Seems that the local grapes are very difficult to keep, so they had a small quantity and made a very expensive bottle of wine from them.  Ah well.

Driving from Pahrump, we enter into a large valley with a few odd-looking hills.  I saw a possible road to one of them that was very rocky and fit probably for SUVs which I attempted and turned around after about a quarter-mile.  Fortunately, there was another road, paved, which existed as access to Crystal, NV.  Shaina and I parked and headed out to the hills.  We found tons of quartz on the ground, which typically indicates other minerals may be present, alas we found nothing of interest.  We continued up to the hill, and I continued up the hill, which was made entirely of rock that looked like this:
which is virtually identical to the rock I found outside of Zzyzx, excepting in grey rather than in a pale mineral.  Definitely volcanic, but I'm at a loss as to what it is.

Crystal, NV, happens to be home to several brothels, which we passed when turning around to continue on our trip.  We made our way to Highway 95 to head to Beatty/Rhyolite, and saw some ruins on the right, which we pulled off to see, driving up another rocky road.  I found ruins of an old mine and hosue, there:
From there, on to Beatty and south to Rhyolite, where we toured a large ghost town.  I climbed up to one of the hillside mines:
however I made that trek alone, due to the rattlesnake warnings:
even though I didn't see a single one.  I did see some other critters, though:
Following this, we headed back to Las Vegas for a lovely Thai dinner, and we slept quite well from the long day of driving and walking in the sun...


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