March 25th, 2009

Strange realization...

I just saw an ad on the web where someone was touting how they found a way to earn $5,000 a month in an on-line job.

Once upon a time, $5,000 a month sounded pretty good to me. I'm realizing, now, that $5,000 a month doesn't sound so impressive anymore. Especially in light of the fact that I've had to work with the company that pays me when I'm on Paid Family Leave. With that, I had to calculate exactly how much I earn in one day of work. If I annualize my bonus and include the paid holidays and vacation days (and sick days) but not the weekend days, and assume that I work eight-hour days, it turns out that I earn 1.8 cents a second. In the amount of time it takes for me to walk to the bathroom, relieve myself, and return to my desk, I've earned roughly the same amount as it would cost me to purchase that Starbucks specialty coffee that I just had to relieve myself of.

I used to think of my income along the lines of "Hey! I can buy a new CD!" (we're talking back in the part-time minimum wage days). Now, in the same amount of time, I earn enough to buy a new CD player and then some...

Of course, the expenses keep getting more and more expensive, too. And the need for savings gets greater and greater. Rozz will be attending college in just 15 years, with Phoenix three years behind... and if Heather is going to finish up an art degree before then, well, UC costs $20K a year without considering room and board these days...

I guess I'm doing pretty well for myself and my family, and I still generally think like a lower-middle-class person, but watching my savings balance and all of my other assets, and considering the state of the economy, I think I'm going to wind up faring much better than most, financially. I just hope I never start thinking like someone in the upper-middle class.

Mixed Blessings...

All of the preparation I've done for my court trial was for naught.

My first trial date was a week ago Tuesday. St. Patrick's Day. Officer Minor was in SWAT training that day and couldn't attend, so he requested a continuance. I, however, showed up, because I wasn't made aware of this beforehand.

The judge offered me to reschedule my trial date and told me that he wouldn't permit the police department another continuance. He also told me that if for any reason I was unable to attend the trial, I could call in and request a continuance as well. We rescheduled for this Friday, the 27th.

I received mail, today, from Officer Minor, telling me that he's requesting another continuance, and that I can either not show up for my trial in which case the court will automatically reschedule, or I can show up and contest the continuance with the judge.

In other words, I'm off the hook. I've got to show up on Friday and I'll be done. No $175 fine.

I was looking forward to seeing if my argument had legs. Heck, I've spent some time researching and preparing an opening argument and cross examination questions. But I'll take a dismissal instead. Here's me, victorious.