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March 14th, 2009

Pure joy...

Tonight has been interesting.

Rozz was mistreating Moose and Phogg, as he's wont to do. He'll try to cuddle with the cats when they really just want to be left alone, etc. He'd done it one too many times, so we laid down the law, reiterating that he's not to bother the cats (I've been cautioned to not use the word "molest" here, though it's just as appropriate), and that there would be punishment for not obeying our previous instructions to not bother the cats. So off to his bedroom he went, "for the rest of the night".

Only, he started complaining about bad monsters in the room. He's great at pretending, so I played along and grabbed the invisible bad monsters that only he can see and physically removed them from the house. He did this twice over a half-hour, and then told me that there was also a good invisible monster in the room. Heather reminded me that we have gargoyles in the house to ward away bad spirits and that it was time to get him one. Now, whether you believe in bad spirits and gargoyles or not, you must understand that a three-year-old can believe in this without question, and I decided to take advantage of this. With great pomp, I got one of the gargoyles from the kitchen and placed him in Raziel's room, explaining that gargoyles will prevent bad monsters from appearing.

A while later, it was obvious that Rozz was tired and he stepped out of his room and into the living room, where Heather and I had turned off the lights to watch another episode of The West Wing (courtesy of my sister, for my birthday). I opted to console him by letting him climb up on me and fall asleep across me. When he was asleep, still in my arms, Phoenix toddled on over and looked up at him and at me. I protected his hair from being pulled by her, etc., but it was obvious that she was enamored with him and wanted to cuddle with us, so I lifted her on top of me as well. Immediately, she started cuddling with me, laying her head on me, and I then let her crawl over to be atop her brother. Not only did she lay her head on him looking blissful, she puckered up and gave a kissing sound to him. Not once, but a good half-dozen times. She started kissing him so zealously that I had to separate them so she didn't wake him.

I thought it was adorable, and had to jot this down so I can never forget how precious the moment was.


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