March 8th, 2009

Nothing of importance...

Things seem to be plodding along.

I fixed the refrigerator/freezer by replacing the compressor's starter relay. $50. This appliance really has been the appliance from hell, but it's still not worth shelling out another $1500 or so for the appliance we'd like to buy new versus fixing this one. Turns out, you're supposed to clean the coils under the refrigerator every six months or so, lest the dust buildup prevent the heat from dissipating and thereby overheating the compressor and relay. We went six years without this knowledge. We'll clean 'em out periodically, now, and avoid this issue again.

The trip to Anaheim and Las Vegas was nice enough. Pleasant. It would have been relaxing if we'd had comfortable beds, but you can't ask for everything, can you? I don't work well with air mattresses. Still, we managed to get in a date night, some letterboxing, spending time sharing the dancing girls and the dancing fountains with Rozz, and enjoying the company of my family.

And so now I'm back home, relaxing and tending to things. I de-blackberried the side of the house today. There were a lot of thorny growths to tend to. Tomorrow: either the blackberries around the studio or the front steps. Probably the steps.